For those of you who are curious but still unsure about continuing your studies in Bulgaria, now you don’t need to be

confused and doubtful anymore. You can check at for places you can visit while in Bulgaria.

1. Quality Education System
Did you know that Sofia Medical University and Plovdiv Medical University, located in Bulgaria, are some of the best

medical universities in Europe? In addition, medical universities in Bulgaria are a small number of medical

universities in Europe that use English as the language of instruction in their learning process. Many students from

countries such as Germany, Sweden, UK, and Ireland continue their studies in Bulgaria because of its high-quality

education system and modern and high-tech facilities.

2. A Small Country That Creates Many Big Opportunities
Bulgaria is designated as one of the countries that have the best start-up companies in Europe. Bulgaria creates a lot

of creative and innovative young people until they finally create a lot of start-up businesses. Several start-ups from

Bulgaria include ClaimCompass, Melissa Climate, and Enhance.

3. Affordable Living Costs and Low Tuition Fees
This is a plus point of studying in Bulgaria because you can get a quality education that is not inferior to other

major European countries but at a more affordable cost. For example, in the capital Sofia, you can enjoy dinner in a

price range of EUR 5. In other smaller cities, the cost of living will be even cheaper than in the capital.

In addition to the cost of living, the cost of studying in Bulgaria is also an additional point for those of you who

want to continue your studies there. For your information, the cost of studying medicine in Bulgaria is around 8,000


4. Easier Entry Requirements
Some universities that come from large countries in Europe tend to set high entry requirements so that your competition

to be accepted at the university is much tougher. Unlike the case with studies in Bulgaria. Bulgarian universities

accept applicants with varying grades who have proven that they are good students.

5. Local and International Atmosphere melding
Did you know that Bulgaria has become one of the favorite country destinations for people who want to live or continue

their studies abroad?

So, in this country, you can meet many people from various countries and expand your friendship connections. However,

you also feel the atmosphere of the local community with its interesting culture to explore.