Arranging and decorating a room with carpets is a fun thing to do. Carpet is one of the complimentary decorations that you can use to decorate and beautify the room. Apart from being a room sweetener, carpets also have other uses. Carpets are used to complement the atmosphere and theme of the room, carpets are also used to protect the floor from scratches from furniture or other objects. In addition, carpets are also useful for making furniture not easy to shift. Often carpets are also used to limit and differentiate one space area from another. Carpet cleaning near me offers carpet cleaning and maintenance services installed everywhere. As long as the carpet is still needed by the owner, Carpet Cleaning near me can make the carpet function properly again.

Many carpets come with various models, motifs, and materials. There are several types of carpets on the market, one of which is polypropylene carpet. Polypropylene carpet is a type of carpet made of synthetic materials and has a smooth texture. Other types of rugs include nylon rugs, sisal rugs, viscose rugs, silk rugs, wool rugs, and many more. You can adjust your favorite type of carpet to the type and theme of the room. Then, where should the carpet be placed?

Carpets are commonly used at home or in the office. At home, places that are usually decorated with carpets are the living room, dining room, family room, and bedroom.

Carpet in Living Room and Family Room
For the placement of the carpet in the living room, choose a carpet size that complements your living room furniture to produce a cohesive look. Or, if you have 2 sofas in the living room, place a rug between or in the middle of the two sofas.

The carpet in the family room that is not too wide can be placed in front of the sofa to make the room look more spacious. You can place various models and types of carpet materials in the family room. It would be better to choose a carpet with an easy-to-clean material such as sisal or wool.

Carpet in the Bedroom
Make the bedroom atmosphere feel warmer by placing a large rug under the bed or using a small rug on each side of the bed. You can choose a rug with soft and fluffy fur so that the bedroom atmosphere is more comfortable.